How does it work?

We will provide regular webinars over the next few months. These will be interactive 40-45 minute sessions plus questions. They will be held at 1600 in the afternoon to allow for the fact that you have or will be returning to work soon but wont impinge on your evenings

Topics will include:

  • Building regulations
  • Legal updates
  • New home survey standards
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Health and safety
  • Risk assessment
  • Historic buildings
  • Many more…..

These will be offered at various prices – some will be provided free of charge – but will all be offered under £20.

Watch this space for full details coming soon


Historic Bricks & Mortars – Tuesday 16 June 1600

Risk Assessments – Thursday 18 June

Historic roofing – Tuesday 23 June

Red book update – Thursday 25 June